The new ŠKODA Kodiaq

Available for pre-order now at Capitol ŠKODA

The new ŠKODA Kodiaq was unveiled to the world on September 1st 2016 in Berlin as ŠKODA’s first large SUV and 7-seater vehicle. Following in the footsteps of the successful ŠKODA Yeti, the Kodiaq demonstrates strong SUV characteristics and a powerful stance.

Whether you are driving around the town or travelling cross country, the new Kodiaq offers impressive versatility and is ready for any challenge. Instantly recognisable on the road, its bold exterior and 3D radiator front grille creates a striking road presence. Plus, the sculptured rear design is certain to stand out from the crowd along with its stylish LED rear lights.

The interior feels spacious, comfortable and the new dash has everything the driver and passenger needs to enjoy their journey. The ŠKODA Kodiaq aims to impress in the SUV market.

The ŠKODA Kodiaq is available from Capitol SKODA Newport and starts from only £21,495 OTR.

Order your new ŠKODA Kodiaq at Capitol ŠKODA today!

Technical Information

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Once you have found the perfect ŠKODA model from us, the next step is then deciding how you want to pay for it. We offer a variety of payment structures and finance products that all offer a different way to help you drive your perfect ŠKODA model. Below is a brief summary of the options available from Mon Motors ŠKODA.


The most simply and obvious method of paying for your new ŠKODA. If you are fortunate enough to have the full amount required to buy your car in savings, then this is probably going to be your payment method of choice. A single transaction that means the full agreed selling price is paid upfront and the car is then owned by you.

If you are like the vast majority of our customers and buying the car with one large cash transaction is not feasible, there are a number of other options available to help you drive away that new ŠKODA today.

Hire Purchase

A structured repayment plan with added interest that will allow you to own your car outright at the end of the agreed Hire Purchase term. This type of finance plan would require a deposit paid before you received your new car and then the outstanding balance of the agreed selling price can be settled over a series of monthly payments, over a time frame agreed between you and our team. You will own the car outright, once the final payment has been made.

PCP or PCH Car Leasing

If you are not overly concerned about owning the car outright and simply want to pay a manageable monthly amount to drive the car of your choice, then this may be the right option for you. Think of this more as a long-term rental. The two main types of leasing that we offer are Personal Contract Hire (PCH) and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).

Typically, both of these finance options offer a lower up-front deposit and more affordable monthly payments than other funding methods available. Both of these types of leasing will also include a mileage restriction, which you will agree, prior to the start of your contract.

A PCP contract will give you the option to buy the car at the end of your leasing period outright with a one off final payment which will be considerably larger than those paid previously. This is often referred to as a 'balloon' payment. You will then own the car outright. Alternatively, you can review the value of your current car at the end of the contract and choose to start a new contract on a younger car.

A PCH contract does not give you the option to own the car outright and you would need to start a new agreement at the end of the initial contract, or choose a new method of funding a car that best suits your circumstances at that time.

Our team is on hand to talk through these options in more detail with you and help you make the decision about how you can best fund your new ŠKODA car from Capitol ŠKODA Newport.

Build Your Car

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Why Buy from Mon Motors?

Why buy your new ŠKODA from us?

At Mon Motors ŠKODA, we appreciate how significant your new car purchase is and we want to make that process as easy, affordable and enjoyable as we possibly can. We hope this site give has given you plenty of information about the choice of New and Approved Used ŠKODA models we have available, but don't forget our trained ŠKODA staff are on hand to offer support and guidance when you visit us too.

If you are choosing a New ŠKODA model from us, then you will benefit from:

Three-Year Warranty

All new ŠKODAs registered in the UK come with a three year/60,000 miles warranty, which protects your car against the failure of most mechanical and electrical components due to manufacturing defects. This comprises a two-year manufacturer's warranty with unlimited mileage plus a further one-year/60,000 (whichever is soonest) Dealer Warranty. Should the mileage exceed 60,000 miles within the fi rst two years, the manufacturer's two-year warranty will still be valid.

Three-Year Paint Warranty

The paintwork of your ŠKODA is covered against manufacturing defects for a period of three years. Naturally, the Leon must be cared for in compliance with the operating instructions which will be found in your vehicle handbook.

Twelve-Year Body Protection Warranty

The internal body sections and panels of your ŠKODA are covered against rusting through from the inside for a period of twelve years. Naturally, the car must be cared for in compliance with the operating instructions which will be found in your vehicle handbook.

ŠKODA Assistance (including European Cover)

Any new ŠKODA purchased and registered in the UK from Capitol ŠKODA Newport, is covered free by ŠKODA Assistance (including European cover) for roadside repairs or recovery to an authorised repairer for a term of two years.

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