Yeti Range

The SKODA Yeti now featuring a new stylish and elegant design

The newest member of the Skoda family arrived in 2009 and although you might associate its name with the cold, it has received nothing but hot reviews from the motoring press and our customers ever since its launch. A perfect example was at the 2012 Honest John Reader Awards where it was voted the most popular crossover.

Skoda has been listening very hard to our customers and what they needed from our range and the Yeti is an ideal combination of road going performance, family focussed practicality and the styling of an out and out 4x4. So, whether you spend your time around the towns and cities, or are more partial to going off the beaten track, the Yeti is the perfect choice for whatever adventure you choose to embark upon. The Yeti is as happy on the road as it is off it, so we are certain that it could make you a happy driver.

Yeti combines the sensibility of a hatchback, with the capability of an off-road 4x4 which makes it a great family car. The recent trend to more extreme weather conditions reminds us all how useful a 4x4 can be on those rare occasions that our conventional cars are unable to cope. It is for these reasons that the Yeti is an ideal car for the streets of our towns and cities. The Yeti commands a higher ride position, rugged features and up to seven airbags as standard, ensure that it is the perfect vehicle for the school run. The Yeti is also equipped with a more than generous boot, which has more than enough room for all of your everyday cargo, from shopping bags, sports equipment, pushchairs and even the dog. Our patented ‘Varioflex' seating is designed so that all passengers can get comfortable with over 20 different seating combinations. So whether you want to move forward, backwards, recline, fold away or even completely remove seats, ‘Varioflex' allows you to do it simply and quickly.

The Yeti is also available with a host of optional extras that could make your city driving even more pleasurable. Park assist is available to alleviate the stress of squeezing into that last space on a city street. Simply position the car as you normally would to perform a parallel park, press the park assist button, take your hands off the steering wheel and watch the Yeti manoeuvre itself safely into the space, whilst you control the speed.

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